Ten Useful Visual Studio (VS) Code Extensions for Web Developers


Visual Studio (VS) Code is one of the most often used code editors in the web developer’s community. This code is popularly used for website development. With the help of VS code, you can develop, edit, and fix your code more quickly.

The extension available here is one of the most significant factors for using VS Code for web development. It comprises a lot of extensions that will assist you in improving your code and save your time.

If you are also a website developer, you likely utilize VS Code for your projects because they are convenient. If you don’t use it, then you need to give it a chance.

It can be surpassed with a lot of VS Code extensions. Here, in this blog post, we are sharing some really helpful extensions that will assist you in your daily work.

1.    Inline Parameters 

You probably have faced the confusion between array and the call-back parameters in PHP functions array filter and array map? We know there would be so much confusion to get it right. To prevent this confusion, we should utilize Inline Parameters. These parameters print inline the names of the function parameters for TypeScript, JavaScript, Lua, and PHP.

2.    HTML End Tag Labels 

We can easily get confused with the <div> tags as they are thoroughly nested. We won’t even know which is their last </div>. So here, HTML End Tag Labels can help us understand the layout of the HTML code. It includes the class names of the starting tag be shown next to its ending tag.

3.    TO-DO Tree 

You need to fix something in your code but don’t have enough time for it now. So, it’s better to do it later. All you need to do is to set a quick and easy reminder. To do so, put a “TODO” in your code. Move forward 6 months, and you see that you’ve piled 150 TODOs, and you are required to take care of all of them. So, you need to use the To-do Tree. This will assist you in finding all TODOs present in your code.

4.    Live Server

Introduce changes in the code editor, toggle to browser, and refresh to view changes. That’s the unending cycle of a web developer, but how’s that your browser could automatically refresh every time you introduce changes? Yes, that is possible with a Live Server. The Live server also runs the app on a local host server. There are a few things you can just examine when using your app from a server. Thus, this is a great advantage.

5.    Bracket Pair Colorizer

Well, brackets are the damnation of a developer’s life. With thousands of nested codes, it becomes pretty impossible to find out which brackets match each other. So, here Bracket Pair Colorizer comes in. Bracket Pair Colorizer matches color brackets to make the code much more understandable and readable. We are damn sure that you want to use this for your code.

6.    Code Snippet Screenshots 

You made some really nice code, and now you wish to share it with people around the World? So, you can just click a screenshot, save it, visit Twitter, post it there and just send it. Or there is another way. You can just pick the code right within the code editor and have Snipped make a good image of it and then send it directly to Twitter.

7.    GitLens

This extension offers Git features in VS Code. It allows you to learn about the changes introduced in your code over time. GitLens also shows you the name of the author who had introduced those changes and the time when the changes were made.

At the time of working on a project, we generally make some changes in our code and write fresh code with code to the repository. With the help of the GitLens extension, we can learn why, by whom, and when the changes were made in the code.

8.    Prettier

The prettier extension is a code formatter that can make the code more consistent and readable. You are not required to spend much time formatting your code. This VS code extension will do everything to improve the readability of your code.

It will adjust the code copied from an external source. Thus, you are no longer required to explain code styling and indentation in your pull requests.

9.    VS IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode extension offers AI-supported features for Java, Python, and JavaScript development in VS Code.

Artificial intelligence is here to predict your next step (for instance, which function you will pick next) and then provides recommendations for them and self-fills your code.

10.                     Settings Sync

As per Visual Studio (VS) Code, the Settings Sync enables you to share your VS Code setups like settings, key-bindings, downloaded and installed extensions across your devices.

You can often function with your favorite configuration across all your devices.

It fetches and synchronizes all available extensions and the entire User folder that includes:

  1. Settings file
  2. Keybinding file
  3. Launch file
  4. Snippets folder
  5. VS Code extensions and configurations
  6. Workspace folder

These are some extensions that have proven very useful for the web developer’s work.

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