Top 10 CRM Software Tools in 2021

crm software tools

CRM Software is extremely helpful in streamlining your sales process as well as in strengthening your customer relationships. Using CRM software, agencies can easily satisfy their clients from all over the world. We have picked the top 10 CRM Software in 2021, which can become fruitful for your business.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is one of the top players in the CRM world due to its most innovative service nature. HubSpot CRM targets small businesses to provide them a freemium platform along with a series of add-ons. It also intends to evolve an end-to-end Martech solution for small to midsize businesses.

It has got a nice user interface (UI) and integrates decently with other HubSpot products. For SMB’s that want a well-maintained, reliable, and freemium model to boot, HubSpot CRM can be the right choice.

2. Zoho

Zoho CRM delivers a great feature mix at affordable prices. Plus, it offers an integration with a long range of favorable Zoho products. For SMBs, Zoho CRM works a really fantastic job. It has a freemium model for up to 10 users and comprises effective marketing tools. It is one of the most popular CRM solution providers for SMBs. Zoho CRM includes a powerful series of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) verticals developed to run enterprises from end to end. It is fully featured with a CRM suite and consists of appealing features and great integrations.

3. Zendesk Sell

It has an enhanced user-friendly interface and includes powerful lead management features of base CRM. You will find the sales force automation tools within the Zendesk Sell ecosystem. For SMBS, Zendesk Sell CRM software is an excellent choice, whether you will evaluate it price-wise or feature-wise.

4. SalesForce

SalesForce has been an efficient CRM for a long period. This innovative CRM consists of a stellar feature stack along with a wide range of modern technology like easy interoperability and artificial intelligence with a series of SalesForce clients and partners. SalesForce has occupied the market with its innovative and robust features and ongoing uprising ecosystem of add-on working and partners. This CRM software has also gained customer reliability by offering them troubleshooting solutions at every stage of business and making their business kick-off on new heights.

5. Freshsales CRM

For small to midsize businesses (SMBs), Freshsales CRM gives convenient and slushy solutions to make them grow super quickly. Reasonable prices, a proactive AI assistant, and customization choices availability makes Freshsales CRM more appealing for the people who know the worth of ease of use.

6. Insightly

Insightly CRM is one of the CRMs that includes the most dynamic and appealing visual effects and functionality intuitive CRM solutions. Insightly CRM involves a long list of extensive integration and powerful functionality that will better suit larger SMBs.

7. Sales Creation

While targeting small businesses’ customers, this CRM is powerful enough to manage the CRM requirements of medium-scale businesses as well. Sales Creation CRM becomes more helpful by enhancing its marketing and analytics automation tools and functionalities.

8. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive has enhanced its SMBs aimed CRM solutions with high-end features, efficient AI assistance, and powerful reporting. Albeit, as we know that, ease of use holds a top position in the list of its best-ever features. The feature of visualizing the complete sales process is the key that makes the Pipedrive CRM stand out. It’s a deal-driven CRM solution that also functions as an account management tool with the potential to help in marketing and the whole sales process. Proactive Pipedrive CRM solution monitors and organizes emails and calls, plus syncs schedules over various devices.

9. Apptivo

You can count Apptivo CRM in the best all-rounder CRM solution providers list. Apptivo CRM offers your powerful CRM solutions and meets all the criteria set for most SMBs. Sensible prices, intuitive UI, and impressive features make the Apptivo CRM stand out from others on the list. The pricing of Apptivo CRM begins at $8/ user monthly, which makes it a favorite for the price CRM solution. Plus, you will get several strategic integrations and impressive mobile platform support. Apptivo CRM offers robust features, and its ease of use makes it more compelling to pick.

10. Less Annoying CRM

Well, Less Annoying CRM is a surprising CRM software that offers more flexibility at lower prices. Its high-performance features can add value to your enterprise. This CRM software is one of the highly recommended CRM solutions for SMBs which want to grow their businesses really quick at affordable prices. The pricing for this CRM Software starts at $10/ monthly for an individual user. SMBs who want low-cost yet powerful CRM and Lead Management solutions can consider Less Annoying CRM as their best business companion.

Bottom Line

The CRM Software that we have given above are based on some most crucial factors that are necessary for most SMBs. These factors include reasonable prices, powerful features, intuitive design, and interface.

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